2014-15 NBA Previews: Washington Wizards

There has been little wizardry in Washington over the past few years. The Arenas-Butler-Jamison core failed, and Arenas went into a tailspin. Washington got so bad they were granted the first pick, and finally after a few tries they made it to the post-season. After paying premium to make it there, there’s a question of […]

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2014-15 NBA Preview: Dallas Mavericks

Dallas has rarely missed the playoffs in the Dirk-era, but they’ll have another tough fight on their hands. Dallas should be in the mix for one of the lower seeds and the fight is so close that one wrong move or one injury at the wrong time could knock them out. They’re bringing in a […]


2014-15 NBA Preview: Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta has an unfortunate off-season with insensitive remarks from General Manager Danny Ferry, but I hope this won’t dissuade people from the team, which is subtly unconventional and the highest paid player, Horford, is only getting 12 million dollars a year. Atlanta has had trouble finding relevancy for years, but there’s an opportunity here to […]


2014-15 NBA Preview: Houston Rockets

In the process of trying to land a third star, Houston saw some of its talent drift away, and they scrambled to replace them without losing a season. Morey has infamously flipped his players quickly and used them like assets, never worrying about the role players who got away. This led to a rich cache […]


2014-15 NBA Preview: Charlotte Hornets

The Bobcats have been transmogrified into the Hornets, complete with a makeover of their arena floor into a honeycomb. After making the playoffs and picking up a well-known free agent, spirits are high, but the bar is set awfully low in the east. As one of the more bizarre teams we’ve seen, they’re an all-defense […]


Are DeAndre Jordan and Andre Drummond Top Five Players?

It is no secret that from a pure talent perspective and all-around game that LeBron James and Kevin Durant rank No. 1 and No. 2 in some order. However, what if I told you that a rebound was more valuable than an assist or steal? If I did so, then you would proceed to reweight […]


2014-15 NBA Preview: Memphis Grizzlies

We don’t know when a team’s reign is done until it’s done. That’s not a trivial truism, full of cliches and signifying nothing; it’s a conclusion reached after considering cognitive biases and the history of the league. Memphis may have already peaked when they reached the western conference finals and Marc Gasol won Defensive Player […]


How Often do Pass Rushers Affect the Quarterback?

As J.J. Watt has shown us in the first half of the seasons, pass rushers can have a major impact on opposing offenses, but their entire defense, too. That brings up this question: how often does a defensive end, tackle, or 3-4 or 4-3 outside linebacker affect the quarterback, per snap? Thanks to the guys […]


2014-15 NBA Preview: Indiana Pacers

What’s distressing is how quickly the darkness can fall. With Paul George breaking out offensively and the Pacers playing some of the best defense ever along with Hibbert as a lock for Defensive Player of the Year, while remaining the Kryptonite for the Miami Heat, the future was bright. But in just a few months, […]


2014-15 NBA Preview: Phoenix Suns

Quietly one of history’s best franchises, the Suns rose from the ashes again and found success in the post-Nash era for the first time with a quick-hitting attack flanked by three-point shooting and a international dynamo of a point guard. The unfairness of the league is apparent because there’s a real chance they could miss […]


2014-15 NBA Preview: Detroit Pistons

After decades of involvement with Joe Dumars, the Pistons have gone their separate way and will bring in Stan Van Gundy as both the coach and president of basketball operations, a rare double-duty that’s difficult to properly cover objectively. The roster is a mess, and they invested heavily in selfish players who don’t mesh well. […]


2014-15 NBA Preview: New Orleans Pelicans

The future of the New Orleans Pelicans centers on Anthony Davis and how they can support him with talent. They’ve tried a reset with the franchise, giving the team a new name, and Chris Paul is now but a distant memory in New Orleans. But in a competitive west, the playoffs are as hard to […]


Which States Produce More NBA Players?

Arguments about state superiority in the NBA are common. There are still west coast versus east coast fights with Chicago or the whole state of Illinois sneaking in. Sometimes there are articles on how many NBA players hail from each state, but they can lack detail or context: California has the population of a fairly […]


2014-15 NBA Preview: New York Knicks

After a brief period of semi-relevancy in the East, the Knicks have once again sunk to the lottery cellar despite a bloated budget. They’re a prime example of the dangers of short-term thinking and how you shouldn’t overpay for your second options (Amar’e after failing to bring in LeBron) just because you have the resources. […]


2014-15 NBA Preview: Denver Nuggets

Lost in the shuffle of a competitive playoff race last year was Denver, who were struck with major injuries and limped to the finish line. As impossible as it seems, the West could be even stronger, and Denver, healthier and with some new bodies, could push hard for a final playoff spot. They’ll be running […]