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Effects of Shot Location, and How Defenses Might be Changing

The advent of viewing basketball probabilistically, fundamentally changed how the game is managed. Basketball, to the extent that it was considered scientifically at all, used to be a function of physics — of arcs, gravity, and momentum. The realization that basketball could be viewed in terms of probabilities — in terms of the odds that […]


Kevin Love on the Block: a Retort

In a recent article on Grantland, Kirk Goldsberry argues Kevin Love would be more beneficial for his team if he hung out on the perimeter less and crashed the offensive glass more. Goldsberry has an impressive dataset few can be competitive with and an arsenal of resources at his disposal, including some of the best […]


How good is Cleveland with Kevin Love?

Note: This assumes the league will not veto the trade, as the rumors indicate. Cleveland’s management is hard to read. In a world where information is leaked at a high rate, they shocked the world by drafting Anthony Bennett first overall. I wasn’t sure what they would do with Andrew Wiggins and Kevin Love, but […]


5 Common Myths about the NBA

Over the last 10 seasons, the NBA has evolved. The game of basketball is always evolving, but in 2004, the NBA made a couple of seemingly small rule changes that have had an enormous impact on how teams were allowed to defend. After years of some excessively physical defense, stagnant, isolation-heavy offenses and a steady […]


2015 NFL Draft: Running Back Speed Scores

The 2015 NFL draft-eligible crop of running back is one of the best in years. With the draft still being 9 months away, and the combine slowly creeping up at 6 months, it’s hard to gauge what could change to these prospects draft stocks in that time. A formula, though — one created by […]


Is there a correlation to Contesting the Rim and Wingspan?

In today’s NBA, when drafting or looking to sign a big man, rim protection is one of the key factors looked at by team executives. If a player has freakish measureables, too, then many teams will be even more intrigued. That’s why I decided to look and see if there is truly a correlation between […]


Where do the Indiana Pacers go from here?

Just when you think the Indiana Pacers summer couldn’t have gotten any worse after letting Lance Stephenson — one of their main offensive playmakers — walk and sign with the Charlotte Hornets, it just did, by an even wider margin. In a freak accident during the USA basketball intra-squad scrimmage in Las Vegas on Friday […]


Just how great Is the Spurs Dynasty?

The San Antonio Spurs won their 5th championship in 15 years, but there are those who don’t consider their 15-year run a dynasty, because during this stretch they have never won back-to-back championships. Is this assessment really fair? The Spurs have been playing some of the best basketball of recent memory, but its hard to […]


Hakeem Olajuwon’s Playoff Wizardry

The Black Arts of Hakeem the Dream in the Post-season When I saw Hakeem Olajuwon’s playoff success, I assumed his complex post-game — full of counters — was the driving factor as his offensive game suffered little against better defenses. Coupled with Houston’s cadre of shooters around him, and Olajuwon was free to put players […]

Offensive Introduction: The Revolution in Major League Baseball

As Analytics Game kicks off its coverage of Major League Baseball — and I write my first article for the site — I’ve decided the best use of this new platform is to introduce readers to the basics of the statistical movement now taking place in baseball front offices. This movement has been gaining steam […]


Kevin Love: the new Chris Bosh?

Throughout the big-3 era in Miami, the two-man combination of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade gave us some of the league’s most unforgettable highlights.  From full-court alley-oops, to combining to score 70 points against the Indiana Pacers in a must-win Game 4 in the 2012 Eastern Conference Semi-Finals.  When those two worked in sync, we […]


Introducing V-stats for Legendary 1990′s Centers

When people cite how players do against the top teams or top defense, they typically use a box score summary of their stats versus teams rated X or above. This is not an accurate method, however, as a player can go against several defenses barely over the threshold and another can go up against two […]


NBA Player Rankings: A Different Approach

In today’s world of advanced metrics, SportVU player tracking data — and just the general opinions of many regarding the NBA — there are too many instances where players talents are evaluated, compared, and debated based on arbitrary claims and confusion (I’m looking at you, Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith). While I too am […]

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The Rockets, Trail Blazers, and a Secret of Shot Selection

Since Dean Oliver first published Basketball on Paper in 2004 (and probably before), basketball analysts have been pushing the belief that a team’s offense should be built around shooting three pointers and taking shots at the rim — the two most efficient shots in basketball by a wide margin. That philosophy has on a macro level been […]

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The 2015 Miami Heat Without LeBron James

If there’s any test for whether or not a player is a superstar that bridges the gap between the analytics crowd and conventional analysis, it’s how well his former team does when he leaves either via free agency, a trade, or retirement. It’s in some ways a version of plus/minus, but it’s simple enough for […]