How Often do Pass Rushers Affect the Quarterback?

As J.J. Watt has shown us in the first half of the seasons, pass rushers can have a major impact on opposing offenses, but their entire defense, too. That brings up this question: how often does a defensive end, tackle, or 3-4 or 4-3 outside linebacker affect the quarterback, per snap? Thanks to the guys […]

2015 NFL Draft: Running Back Speed Scores

The 2015 NFL draft-eligible crop of running back is one of the best in years. With the draft still being 9 months away, and the combine slowly creeping up at 6 months, it’s hard to gauge what could change to these prospects draft stocks in that time. A formula, though — one created by […]

Is there a correlation to Contesting the Rim and Wingspan?

In today’s NBA, when drafting or looking to sign a big man, rim protection is one of the key factors looked at by team executives. If a player has freakish measureables, too, then many teams will be even more intrigued. That’s why I decided to look and see if there is truly a correlation between […]

Where do the Indiana Pacers go from here?

Just when you think the Indiana Pacers summer couldn’t have gotten any worse after letting Lance Stephenson — one of their main offensive playmakers — walk and sign with the Charlotte Hornets, it just did, by an even wider margin. In a freak accident during the USA basketball intra-squad scrimmage in Las Vegas on Friday […]

Adjusted Disruption Rating (ADR): Which Pass-Rusher Tops the List?

How much impact does a pass-rusher bring on every play? That’s what my mindset was with this new formula: the Adjusted Disruption Rating (ADR). Why adjusted? Well, I was unable to watch every snap for every pass-rusher I looked at (not all available online), unless it was mentioned on the team’s stats page. The adjusted […]

Welcome to Analytics Game

Are you interested in sports analytics, or how it’s changing the landscape of sports day-by-day? Well, you have come to the right place. Welcome to the newest site on the Bloguin network, Analytics Game. Here on the site, we will be bringing a new perspective to how you look at sports, such as football and […]