The Greatest Comebacks in Man U History

Manchester United is seeing a revival under their current manager Jose Mourinho. Although they were knocked out from the Champions League by Sevilla, they are currently looking as favorites for the coming FA Cup final against Chelsea. Additionally, they are in a very good position to finish second in the league table. Manchester United is […]

How Often do Pass Rushers Affect the Quarterback?

As J.J. Watt has shown us in the first half of the seasons, pass rushers can have a major impact on opposing offenses, but their entire defense, too. That brings up this question: how often does a defensive end, tackle, or 3-4 or 4-3 outside linebacker affect the quarterback, per snap? Thanks to the guys […]

2015 NFL Draft: Running Back Speed Scores

The 2015 NFL draft-eligible crop of running back is one of the best in years. With the draft still being 9 months away, and the combine slowly creeping up at 6 months, it’s hard to gauge what could change to these prospects draft stocks in that time. A formula, though — one created by […]

Is there a correlation to Contesting the Rim and Wingspan?

In today’s NBA, when drafting or looking to sign a big man, rim protection is one of the key factors looked at by team executives. If a player has freakish measureables, too, then many teams will be even more intrigued. That’s why I decided to look and see if there is truly a correlation between […]

Where do the Indiana Pacers go from here?

Just when you think the Indiana Pacers summer couldn’t have gotten any worse after letting Lance Stephenson — one of their main offensive playmakers — walk and sign with the Charlotte Hornets, it just did, by an even wider margin. In a freak accident during the USA basketball intra-squad scrimmage in Las Vegas on Friday […]

Adjusted Disruption Rating (ADR): Which Pass-Rusher Tops the List?

How much impact does a pass-rusher bring on every play? That’s what my mindset was with this new formula: the Adjusted Disruption Rating (ADR). Why adjusted? Well, I was unable to watch every snap for every pass-rusher I looked at (not all available online), unless it was mentioned on the team’s stats page. The adjusted […]

Welcome to Analytics Game

Are you interested in sports analytics, or how it’s changing the landscape of sports day-by-day? Well, you have come to the right place. Welcome to the newest site on the Bloguin network, Analytics Game. Here on the site, we will be bringing a new perspective to how you look at sports, such as football and […]