5 Things Football Index Traders Should Remember in the Time of COVID-19 Uncertainty

The latest economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has sent ripples of change and uncertainty everywhere, and frankly, no one in our community is surprised to see that Football Index betting has also taken some hits.

As someone with money in the football stock market or who has been actively trading on the Football Index for a while now, you may have several anxieties of your own. And those emotions are understandably amplified in the face of the uncertain future the pandemic brings. However, if  you’re unable to manage your thoughts and emotions, your motivation—and funds—may dry up FAST.

 In this guide, we share five reminders every Football Index trader should have in mind so they can better cope with the atmosphere of uncertainty the pandemic is leaving in its wake.

1. There’s Opportunity in Black Swan Events

Black Swans are events that have a low probability of happening, but when they do, their impact is large and usually very severe. And for many economists, this latest pandemic is most certainly a Black Swan event.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of uncertain times such as these. In fact, some would argue that there’s no better time than now to buy shares at record-low prices, including in the football stock market.

You may just notice more people signing up for a Football Index account, hoping to turn their knowledge of football into an additional source of income during the recession. If you’re actually one of them, here’s a pro tip. If you use this Football Index referral code, you can get £20 credited to your account after you sign up and bet £40 on football player shares.

If you use your creativity and imagination to search for opportunities, you’ll most likely find them.

2. Information Is Power

You’ve heard it before: “People fear what they don’t understand.” This aphorism rings true today when many people have no idea what’s happening in the world and even more people have simply given up trying to understand it.

But a smart bettor or trader knows that knowledge, objectivity, and a cool mind are their only allies when others are in a state of panic. The more they know, the less clouded their decision-making will be, and the better they can steer their ship safely to its destination even in treacherous waters.

Also, don’t give in to consuming everything the media feeds you. Be mindful of where the information is coming from, and read to form your own opinion—don’t simply echo everyone else’s.

3. Go Back to the Basics

Being constantly exposed to market volatility and high-powered trading strategies may have led you to develop an approach that just doesn’t work in the bearish Football Index trading market you may be facing now. As such, it may be a good time to re-evaluate your trading goals.

Drops aren’t likely to be permanent (although in an uncertain market, anything can still happen), and it’s usually best to keep the end-goal in mind and suffer less stress as you hold or unload some of those shares.

4. Prioritise Your Mental and Emotional Well-Being

Football Index traders such as yourself are known to be resilient as you’re more exposed to stressful decision-making and split-second bets. And let’s face it, with Football Index’s massive growth in recent years, it’s hard not to catch some of that trading fever. However, if betting has been more a cause of stress and anxiety than a source of fun for you lately, it may be time to take a breather. 

Don’t think that you CAN’T take a break either. In the end, it’s you who should be in control of your time and finances when betting, and you can just as easily walk away from the market if you feel your trading days are getting too stressful.

5. Don’t Lose Sight of the Bigger Picture

Lastly, avoid knee-jerk betting decisions and keep tabs on your emotions when you have your eyes on the market. The more emotionally compromised you are, the easier it is to make a mistake when buying or selling shares. You’re bound to see some highs and lows, maybe even more so than usual. But having shaky hands and a stressed brain is a poor combination in any betting platform.

To forge a good pathway to profits, be clear about your goals, and hold on to them when things look iffy. And don’t forget to trust your instincts. If they tell you to simply do nothing and ride out the fluctuations, or buy shares for a player that’s showing good movement in the market, who knows; they may just lead you to higher gains in the long run.


It’s true that none of us have ever been in a market or situation quite like this before, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have control over our actions and decisions. As a matter of fact, it’s possible to make the best of everything and still come out the other side successfully. 

Just manage your expectations, understand your motivations, be clear about your goals, learn how to make smarter bets in our current environment, and believe that we’ll all emerge from this pandemic with a stronger and more vibrant football stock market. 

About Marcelo Villa

Marcelo is an associate editor at The Sports Daily, and has covered the San Diego Chargers for Bleacher Report. He also writes for Sportsdirect Inc.