6 Tips for Winning Big in Footstock’s Fantasy Football Tournaments

Newcomer football trading platform Footstock has drawn comparisons to sites like Football Index and SportStack for its stock market-like trading system. But many consider its fantasy football tournaments to be the hallmark offering of this Cologne-based betting website. Though nothing compares to real-life matches, Footstock provides a fantasy league experience that offers similar thrills. Thus, with many club football matches being played behind closed doors in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many football enthusiasts have turned to Footstock’s tournaments for the alternative excitement they offer. 

If you’re interested in signing up for the platform and earning real cash from Footstock’s prize pot, read these tips about succeeding in the tournaments. This knowledge will help you TO get familiar with Footstock’s fantasy league, and hopefully, to win big at the tourneys!  

Save Up on Tournament Credits

It’s no secret that Footstock’s bigger fantasy tournaments require you to pay in order to play. If your goal is to eventually enter the matches with higher stakes, it’s good to save money in any way you can on the platform. 

The first thing you can do to build up your reserves is to sign up using a Footstock referral code. With this method, you can match your initial deposit up to £100 and gather some handy free credits to use in tournaments. 

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Do Your Prep Work 

The next thing you must do to improve your chances of earning from Footstock tournaments is to do your prep. In this regard, it’s best not to take shortcuts. You will really need to spend time learning about the tournament system and how the points-per-game (PPG) statistics on your player cards affect your chances. Note, too, that certain tournaments, such as the virtual beginner’s category, have caps on players of certain levels. In the interest of fairness, you will not be able to pack your entire 11-man team with high-ranking stars. 

Luckily, there’s a growing pool of resources online pertaining to the best Footstock tournament strategies. You’ll learn a lot by staying tuned in to the Footstock community, whose members are often generous enough to share their knowledge through blogs and videos. 

Be Aware of the Risks

Just like any form of betting, your success on Footstock depends on your willingness to take risks. This applies to tournaments as well as to adjacent betting activities, like Footstock’s daily roulette. 

Every time you put a card on the line, be as ready to lose as well as to win. Being aware of what kind of luck you’ll have will make your experience on Footstock less stressful, and more fun.  

Build a Great Team from Your Player Cards

Player cards are the cornerstones of a winning Footstock team. You will definitely increase your chances of scoring important points in the tourneys by building a solid line-up. 

Some important things that you have to remember about assembling the best fantasy team are:

  • You have a 35-star budget per team. That means that you can’t expend all your high-value player cards on one match.
  • You can’t put more than two players from the same Premier League club in your team. Thus, even though you may have a favourite club in real life, you have to look outside of it for assets to your team.
  • Some active tourney participants like to set baseline PPGs per player, per position, or per team. Once you gather enough player cards to have a comfortable level of variety, you can see if this works for you.
  • Your team formations matter a lot. Even if you don’t place high in the tournaments, you can get points if players in your roster do what they’re meant to do. As such, you’ll want to choose strikers and midfielders that have a high chance of scoring and assisting given the match line-up. You’ll also want defenders and goalkeepers who have good chances of maintaining clean sheets. 

There are two ways to acquire player cards on Footstock: from packs sold in the Footstock store and from the Peer to Peer trading market. Some great deals can be found on individual cards in the market, so keep your eyes peeled for them.

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Start Small

Footstock has different tiers for its tournaments. There are the beginner-level tournaments, the amateur tournaments, and the pro tournaments. The higher-level tourneys boast higher stakes, but also require a great level of acumen to succeed at. 

Knowing this, you may want to stick to the beginner-level tournaments first. There, you can practice using basic or common cards and get a good feel of Footstock’s beat-by-beat tournament system. You’ll also understand what your odds are and what factors to pay attention to when you’re pitted against other participants. 

Monitor Your Progress with Every Game You Join 

Lastly, don’t forget to track your progress with every match you’re involved in. Generally, when you’ve gained the experience and the cash reserves to play several games at once, the Footstock fantasy league experience becomes more fun. You have to place high over other participants to be able to cash in, which will definitely not happen for every game. Take careful stock of when things go your way, when they don’t, and what decisions you can make next time. 

The tiles on Footstock’s fantasy tournament interface will help you keep track of each game you’re in. Remember to look at these frequently so that you don’t forget where you stand!

You may not win big at a Footstock tournament overnight. However, the better you get at understanding the virtual game, the better your chances will be at achieving long-term success. Use the knowledge from these tips to increase your savvy in the fantasy league, and don’t give up hope on earning awesome prizes from Footstock!

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