Best Android Games 2020: The Must-Play Titles You Don’t Want To Miss

People don’t use smartphones just for making calls, saving their files, or for photography, it has become a primary source of entertainment, and what else gives you more entertainment and fun than games do. Also, Gaming companies have been coming up with some fantastic new mobile games for us that we can play on our smartphones. From 888 poker to console-level graphic racing games, there are a plethora of different options to choose from. We have excluded popular games like Fortnite, COD, PUBG, and Clash Royale because people nowadays are taking it as a culture to play these games and have also become old. So, here’s our pick for “5 Must-Play Titles You Don’t Want To Miss in 2020 for Android”.

Mario Kart Tour

Mario, this name has a legendary history when it comes to gaming. ‘Mario’ games are one of the famous games and are known by people around the globe. Nintendo just launched the Mario Kart Tour game for Android which is a portrait-based one-hand playing game. This means you won’t have to turn it like the way you do while playing PUBG or COD. Mario Kart tour is an amazing game and has really good graphics. The controls of Mario Kart Tour may seem to be hard at first but it will feel easier as you get used to it.

888 Poker

The 888Poker Android app provides the most functionality out of any Android real money poker app in the world and most importantly it is free to download. There are multi-table tournaments and sit-n-goes, and there are cash games featuring six-player and nine-player tables. Texas Hold’em is the most popular game, and there is no shortage of game options. Every player can make 888poker their own and create their own exclusive poker experience. And thanks to the quick seat feature, players can be seated at the first accessible table for the requested stakes. Players who want to start real-money play on the 888poker Android app, there is a bonus to get started and build that online poker bankroll quickly.

Harry Potter: Wizard’s Unite

If you love the magic of Harry Potter, and the game style Pokémon Go, then Wizard’s Unite is an absolute must play. Hop on your broomstick and fly to the nearest fortress to start collecting magical creatures and bringing the magic to your hometown. Wizard’s Unite is a free play that includes inns, greenhouses, using port keys, and magical traces during your real-world exploration. Wizard’s Unite provides you with your own Ministry ID and profession of your choosing as you follow the mysterious story that will keep you curious all day long!

Bad North

If strategy is your thing, Bad North is your game. The game focuses on a more dated scene where Vikings try to invade your land and your goal is to defend everything that is yours. The Theme of the game is simplistic yet strategized.


Relive the nostalgia with Pac-Man. It is a retro arcade game where you are Pac-Man and you need to guide yourself across the mazes tackling the Ghost Gang while consuming all the pac-dots to proceed to the next level. The game is surely addictive since it is an 80’s game and now back with a zing on Android devices.

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