Guide To choose the best Muay Thai Glove

The first and the most important tool that you know when you are going for sports like Muay Thai is that you need the best pair of Muay Thai Gloves. If you are a beginner, choosing the right pair of gloves can be a daunting task, but this article will help you in finding the best pair of gloves.

Gloves for Muay Thai are specially designed, and you need to consider various factors while you are thinking of purchasing a pair of gloves. These globes are best designed to protect you from the severe impacts of the blow you get during the sports. Gloves are not just about leather and foam; there are several other factors to be considered.

What are the factors to consider?

Check out the following to understand what points you must keep in mind while purchasing Muay Thai gloves.

  • Size

The glove sizes are measured in ounces (Oz), and the size of the glove will depend on the size of the user and the nature of the training you are going for. For sports like shadow boxing and heavy pad work, gloves of 6-8 Oz are suitable for users. The best tip when you are thinking about the size is that the heavier the glove, the more protection it will offer. Most people have two sets of gloves that can be used for different purposes.

  • Fit

There is no standard in the industry as far as the fit of the glove is concerned. Different brands of gloves will have a different fit. In addition to it, not all people want the same fit of gloves. In general, your muay Thai gloves should neither be too tight nor too loose. It’s better to try gloves from different brands and choose the one that is suited to your requirement. Wearing too-tight gloves can cut off your blood circulation, while gloves that are too loose won’t provide you adequate support. Thus, choose the fit of the glove by paying enough attention.

  • Material

Most Muay Thai gloves are made up of real or artificial leather. Frankly speaking, real leather gloves are the best choice, as it is durable and it won’t tear down easily. Thus, if you want to look at the durability and breathability factor in a glove, think about buying a pure leather glove. On the other hand, if you are thinking about the affordability factor, synthetic leather gloves can be the better option, as different choices are available at an affordable price.

  • Style

For many sportspersons, style is another factor they consider when looking to purchase muay Thai gloves. Most sportspeople want to look stylish when they are practicing and performing. Gone are the days when gloves were available in solid colors only. Today you can get different designs, patterns, and forms of gloves. Thus, when it comes to style factor, look for a glove that represents your personality and personal style well.

  • Cost

The cost of the glove is another significant factor that can’t be avoided. The cost factor is especially important for people who have budget constraints. Even though different gloves from cheaper brands are available, you won’t be able to use the glove for a longer time period. The best brand gloves may cost more, but they are durable, and it can be used for a longer period. Thus, you need to strike a balance between the cost of the glove and the quality of the glove when you are trying to make the purchase.

  • Maintenance

Most Muay Thai training goes for a long time, and thus, your gloves should not only be durable and strong, but it should also be low maintenance. You should never buy a pair of gloves that need too much maintenance. Most gloves can be dried easily in the sun and washed once or twice. But, if you train in humid and hot weather, you may need more than a pair of gloves.

When you are thinking about buying a Muay Thai glove, you need to look at all the factors mentioned above. Each factor needs to get ticked before you make the purchase. It is very important to stick to the buying guide, as the pair of gloves can affect your training as well as performance in the real game.

Final thoughts:

There are different varieties of Muay Thai gloves available in the market. You can choose any color, style, or quality of gloves you want. But there is no point in having a glove that doesn’t perform as per your expectation. Other than the color and style, you need to look at the durability, cost, fit, and size of the glove. So, make sure to get a proper understanding, before you make the final purchase. Buying the best pair of gloves is not only about the price paid, it is also about the impact it will make in your performance. Thus, choose your gloves wisely and get ready for the best performance and training with the best Muay Thai gloves.

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