How to Bet on Horse Racing in India

Betting online on live horse races can be quite exciting as you’ll have to think immediately, as the horse race only lasts for a few minutes. With this said, make sure you are quick with your fingers in putting your bet online. However, Indians cannot place their bets online if the horse race is taken place in India. But luckily, you can still place your bet in different races around the world.

Now, let’s learn how you can bet on a live horse race from India.

Live Horse Betting

Live horse betting is one of India’s most popular sports game and a lot of players enjoy betting on the race from time to time. Horse race betting is a part of the Indian culture for hundreds of years now, and most players from India place their bets by going to a turf club or by placing their bets online.

Here’s how you can place your bet online:

  1. Open your online bookmaker or betting site of your choice before the horse race starts, if you don’t have a betting site yet or still looking for a good betting site, you should try looking for some recommended sites in MyBetting, where they list down the betting sites of horse racing in india.
  2. If you already have your own account, make sure that you have enough funds to place a bet on the race. If you have just made your account in an online betting site, you can either use your own money or use the free betting that the site has given you. Most betting sites will provide you with free bets as a welcome bonus.
  3. Once you’re all done, look for an “in-play” or “live” in the betting section of your bookmaker.
  4. Next, look for an event where you can bet on and place the number of your bets.
  5. And lastly, just simply watch your horse cross the finish line and get a chance to get the big payout. Hopefully, the horse you have bet on finishes first.

Tips and Tricks when Betting in Live Horse Races

If it’s your first time betting on a live horse race, unlike watching it in the actual site, you have no time to observe each of the horse’s performance in an online live horse race. Therefore, it’s important for you to follow some live horse racing tips and tricks, which could help you win in your horse racing bets.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Know where the racecourse is and make some research about how long the racetrack is and its condition.
  • Make some research about the horses that would be participating in the race, try to learn about their age, their practice times, and how well they have performed in their past races.
  • Learn about the coach and jockey. Learn how the rider handles the horse and his past performances, especially if he has ridden other horses in the past.
  • Check the upcoming weather. The weather during the racing event will affect the horse’s performances, so check the weather if it would get too hot, cold, or if there’s high winds or muddy ground.
  • Make sure to arrive early in the bookmaker to prepare your bets for the race.


And there’s your guide on online betting for a live horse race. If there’s a case where you can’t place your bet on the event, then try looking for another one, or you can consider switching to another betting site if betting on another horse race event didn’t work.


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