Interest among ski resort owners to install synthetic ice-rinks is growing fast

The best thing about installing synthetic ice rink is that it does not mess up with the place indoors because it neither uses water nor electricity. The installation is completely safe andprovides complete enjoyment just as skating on natural ice without shivering in cold temperatures. The artificial surface of Synthetic Ice Kwik Rink not only looks exactly like ice but also behaves like it. So much comfortable and enjoyable are the movements that skating on the artificial surface will make you forget that it is not natural ice. The artificial ice rinks offer just as much as traditional ice rinks but at a much lesser price. Add to this the ease of installation and low maintenance, and it needs no further explanation to understand its cost effectiveness.  

Additional income for ski resorts

Ski resorts are now embracing synthetic ice-rinks as an additional attraction thereby inviting more families to enjoy the fun of skating without hurting themselves by falling on ice. Since skiing is a daytime activity and the ski slopes close by evening, the synthetic ice-rinks provide more entertainment that was not possible earlier. The ski resort owners have found a method for generating additional revenue.

Adding variety to customers

Beating competition by adding variety is the motto of ski resorts that are installing synthetic ice- rinks to add more variety to its customers. The addition has helped to increase traffic as skiers are now traveling with their families who can entertain themselves at the artificial ice-rinks.

Eco-friendly product

Synthetic ice uses eco-friendly material produced through the latest technology that promises near natural gliding experience on the artificial surface. With no need for refrigeration or dehumidification, the artificial surface does not require electricity for its operation. This helps to conserve energy which adds more value to the installation besides the cost-effective plastic material that matches with natural ice in almost all respects but without the mess created by melting ice.

Minimal maintenance

You can install a synthetic ice rink and start using it readily without any utilities which means that you need not worry about maintenance at all. Besides keeping the floor clean, there is hardly any maintenance required.  As compared to traditional ice rinks, the overall cost of installing and running a synthetic ice-rink is just a fraction of maintaining a conventional ice rink. This has attracted commercial enterprises to use the artificial surface for entertainment and other purposes that ensure more profitability.

Have an extended season

The business of ski resorts is seasonal because once the ice starts melting and the ice layer get thinner; it marks the end of the skiing season. Ski resort owners are now able to extend the business season by installing synthetic ice-rinks that operate throughout the year. The artificial ice-rinks are suitable for all climatic conditions, hot and cold and it is an excellent opportunity for more business for ski resorts.

The novel idea of installing synthetic ice-rinks has caught the fancy of ski resort owners as it provides an additional stream of revenue throughout the year.