The Best Odds To Enter The 2021 NFL Postseason Divisional Playoff

The 2021 NFL postseason divisional round has started, and many bettors are looking to all sportsbook odds as a guide to help them choose the team with the best odds. The most favored team in the NFL is expected to be the one who will have the best odds on the board.

After the wild-card round, the odds board significantly changed, and it is still expected to change as we enter the conference championship. Let us see what team for each conference has the best odds as they enter the divisional round.

Best Odds From The AFC

Both the AFC and the NFC have four teams each to represent the two conferences. Each conference has its respective top two favorites for the divisional round this year. For the AFC, here are the two favored teams among the four who enter the divisional round.

Kansas City Chiefs

Of course, it is expected that the Kansas City Chiefs will be the bearer of the best odds on the list. Being the number one favorite since the NFL season started, they have shown quite a performance throughout the whole season that cemented them on the number one most favored team in the league.

As they enter the divisional round, the chiefs have an odds of -125. They are the most favored team to win the AFC and move on to the Super Bowl 55 game. The Chiefs are the Super Bowl’s reigning champion as they took home the Lombardi Trophy last year. It is expected that a replay will likely happen.

Buffalo Bills

The second-best odds from the AFC is the Buffalo Bills. With Josh Allen putting up an MVP-worthy performance and their star receiver Stefon Diggs, the Buffalo have climbed their way to the number two favorite spot for the AFC.

The team is entering the divisional round with a +280 odds on the board. They have shown their audience the improvements in their performance when they beat the Indianapolis Colts in the wild-card round by a score of 27-24. Allen’s pretty good performance as he led his team to victory and earned a spot in the divisional round.

Best Odds From The NFC

Moving on from the top two most favored teams of the AFC to the top two most favored teams of the NFC. Look at the two teams listed below and check if your favorite NFC team is one of the divisional round favorites.

Green Bay Packers

As the number one seed on the NFC, the Packers also have a high chance of winning the Super Bowl 2021. It is predicted that the Packers will be the ones who will contend for the Lombardi Trophy against the Chiefs.

They have the team who have the second-best odds overall and the highest in their conference. They have a +135 odds on the board as they enter the divisional week and will likely.

New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints have the second-highest odds on the AFC with +200 on the board. The team has a 21-9 home victory against the Chicago Bears in the wild-card week. Michael Thomas’s return to the field on the wild-card game had a huge impact on the team, which was already apparent in the first quarter.

Thomas was put on injured reserve during the regular season with an ankle injury. Due to the injury he experienced, Thomas missed the last three games of the regular season. With Thomas playing for the team in the playoffs, fans hoped for their favorite team to advance to the conference finals.

These odds are still subject to change after the divisional round. For all the eight teams who entered the playoffs this week, only four of them will proceed to the conference championship where the final two teams who will play for the Super Bowl will be determined.

Many online sportsbooks will be closely monitoring each round of the season to ensure they regularly update their odds board based on the result of the game and the movement of the bets throughout the postseason.

If you are confused with the numbers on the odds board and how they move throughout the season, it is best to refer to the results. It will help you read and identify numbers you see on online sportsbooks.

Understanding each number seen on the sportsbook is important to know if your decisions are right. For newbie bettors, the sportsbook is quite a handful. However, they will get used to it if they start to bet on sports regularly.

Final Thoughts

Everyone is now excited as the date set for the Super Bowl 2021 is near commencement. Only a few weeks left, and the season will now come to an end, and all remaining teams are doing their best to be named the winner at the end of this event. You can opt to bet for the divisional round and the conference championship using the odds provided for now.

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