Time to Celebrate: NFL Week 11 Recap

The 11th week of the NFL season is nearly in the books.  Only tonight’s game of the Rams vs. the Chiefs remain.  Right now, the odds are that this game could be a Super Bowl LIII preview.  Many bettors are using bookie software to help them make their bets and a Rams/Chiefs Super Bowl is looking like a good one at the moment.

Odell Mocks The Buccaneers with Warren Sapp’s Routine

Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. busted out a special celebration during Sunday’s game against the Bucs, and he executed it well.

This particular celebration wasn’t obscene or anything of that nature, but it was clever, and it did troll the Bucs in a way.

OBJ caught an eight-yard touchdown pass in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game, and he celebrated by mimicking a celebration done by one of the greatest players in Bucs history. Former Bucs defensive tackle Warren Sapp caught a touchdown pass in September 2003, and he celebrated with a funny dance — jumping around in a circular motion — in the end zone. Beckham recreated that particular celebration after scoring on Sunday.

Here was what Sapp’s touchdown celebration looked like, for comparison purposes.


Not bad, OBJ.


The Elderly Statesman Adam Vinatieri Knows How to Bust a Move

Colts veteran kicker Adam Vinatieri may be 45 years of age, but he clearly still has it.

Vinatieri has made 15 of 18 field goals he’s attempted this season, and he continues to be as consistent as he’s been throughout his career.

But that’s not all he still has. Vinatieri still has plenty of swagger, which NFL fans learned after the Colts took the Titans to the woodshed on Sunday.

The Colts players celebrated the 38-10 drubbing in the locker room after the game by blasting some rap music and dancing. Vinatieri even joined in on the action, and he appeared to really enjoy himself in doing so. Check out these dance moves.


That funny video clip is worth watching multiple times. It’s timeless, just like Vinatieri.


Sanu Wears Cleats to Celebrate the Life of Stan Lee

Falcons receiver Mohamed Sanu showed some love for one of the biggest legends in comic-book history before Sunday’s game.

Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee passed away earlier in the week, at the age of 95. He lived a full life, accomplished much and was revered by many.

Sanu honored him by wearing a custom  pair of cleats during pregame warmups with Lee’s face on them, and his life span on the sides. All in all, the piece of art was very well done.


Props to Sanu for taking some time to show some love for Lee, and also for the artist that created them.