Want to see Denver? Broncos tickets cheap for upcoming road schedule

The Denver Broncos haven’t really missed a beat in 2014, picking up where they left off in last year’s run to the Super Bowl. Their lone hiccup has been an overtime road loss to the Seahawks, but they still very much look like a team ready to win it all.

Whether or not they’ll get back to the title game and close the deal is still up in the air, but a look at the Broncos schedule in November can tell us a lot about their journey. Let’s break those games down, while also analyzing the value of Broncos tickets during that span:

Week 9 @ New England Patriots (11/2/14) | Average: Ticket Price: $592.11 | Get-in Ticket Price: $214

Easily Denver’s most expensive game of the month, that classic Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning battle gets unleashed on us all in week nine. The Pats squeaked out an overtime thriller last season, but Denver will be out to make up for that in a potential instant classic.

Week 10 @ Oakland Raiders (11/9/14) | Average: Ticket Price: $128 | Get-in Ticket Price: $39

Denver Broncos tickets take a dive in week 10 as Denver takes on the lowly Raiders. It’s an easy win, to be sure, but the Black Hole always makes for an interesting contest and few Broncos fans can hate on an utter blowout win. Manning will probably be on the sidelines for the day before the fourth quarter starts.

Week 11 @ St. Louis Rams (11/16/14) | Average: Ticket Price: $144.49 | Get-in Ticket Price: $33

If you want to see Denver for cheap, take it to the road. Broncos tickets are under $150 on average for the second week in a row on this one, and the Rams might even give them a fight. It’s true that Denver has way more talent, but St. Louis somehow sticks around in every game and even beat the defending Super Bowl champs in week seven. Denver will probably end up winning, but this one could be closer than some expect since it’s in St. Louis.

Week 12 VS. Miami Dolphins (11/23/14) | Average: Ticket Price: $374.24 | Get-in Ticket Price: $151 | Denver parking: $7

Denver returns home and naturally the price of Broncos tickets skies back up on average. As it should, as Peyton Manning should continue to have this offense humming, while the Broncos simply don’t lose at home often. There’s not a whole lot Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins can do here, but they have enough tools on offense to at least keep it interesting early on.

Week 13 @ Kansas City Chiefs (11/30/14) | Average: Ticket Price: $165.36 | Get-in Ticket Price: $54

Another killer value here, as Broncos tickets are just barely over $165 despite this one being a heated division rivalry with the Chiefs. Games in Arrowhead Stadium are always fun, while the Chiefs could actually end up being a threat for the division by this point in the year. If so, the ticket price will surely rise in this potential shootout.