The Must-Have Pieces of PE Equipment for Primary Schools 

Across the globe, physical education is included in a school’s curriculum to improve the physical, personal, and social development of a child. These activities typically include indoor and outdoor activities, ball games, gymnastics, and athletics. Thus, a school administration works hand in hand with athletic directors, coaches, and architects so that the right PE equipment is provided. 

Especially among preschoolers, their physical activities are essential for their development. Providing them with a wide range of PE equipment and resources can enhance physical education and encourage sports participation. To kickstart a child’s healthy lifestyle, these are some of the necessary sports equipment a primary school should have.


These are necessary resources for PE and are very versatile because this can be used in any sporting activity. Whether they are used as markers to represent goals, boundaries between a field and a sports game, or even obstacle courses for children where they can run in between the possibilities are endless. It’s up to you how you can be creative with these cones and utilize them to help improve the kids’ coordination, agility, balance, endurance, and speed. 


No school must be seen with the absence of large and diverse ranges of balls. These pieces of PE must-haves come in a wide variety of materials, sizes, and shapes. They are fundamental to a lot of popular sports like volleyball, basketball, football, dodgeball, tennis, netball, hockey, rounders, and more. Whether kids kick, throw, roll, bounce, or catch balls, these skills can help them develop their critical motor skills and further help them with their hand-eye coordination.

Bean Bags and Quoits

These are other critical pieces of PE equipment designed to improve a child’s accuracy, throwing, and aiming skills. Both these pieces may be used in outdoor or indoor activities. Children can enjoy the traditional bean bag toss or classic ring toss games where they aim to throw a quoit over a spike or try to toss a bean bag onto a target. These games are fun and can help develop the child’s balance, hand-eye coordination, and gross and tracking motor skills. 


This classic but well-loved gym equipment allows kids to challenge themselves and further enhances their core strength, body awareness, and coordination. Because hoops come in bright and striking colors and different sizes, children are even more interested in playing and enjoying various hoops activities. Kids can use hoops also for hopscotch or ring toss.

Skipping Ropes

Hop, skip, and jump! These simple but very usable PE resources allow children to use them on their own or with their friends. You can try different and exciting games with jump ropes like relay racing. Skipping ropes can even be incorporated in a school’s academic curriculum like mathematics through counting. When kids play skipping rope, they can move around and increase their heart rate and better improve. Their agility and coordination are improved as well.

Sports Discs

Frisbee is one sport disc game that helps a child’s gross motor and handling skills and agility because of it throwing and catching objective. 

Gym Mats

These are safety pieces of gym equipment that should be provided primarily to children. Gymnastics mats work like cushioned flooring to protect the kids while playing.

These are just some of the several PE equipment that a primary school must have. Every school should have the right physical activities for children, and that the right resources must be provided. Make sure you’re not missing something. 

Marcelo Villa

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